Best Hotels in Rotorua Central

Local Recommendations from our My Guide Rotorua team

As a small, compact city, Hotels in Rotorua are all close to the CBD. From high end luxury by the lake, to smaller, more personal accommodation, facilities here are second to none. And every attraction seems to be right outside the door.

Rotorua Hotels are famous for their hospitality. There's a lot of Maori culture here, and it shines through in the friendliness of the local waiting staff, receptionists and other workers. Top hotels can be found right on the lake then, working south, around Tutanekai and Eruera Streets. Fenton Street is awash with motels, but you can also find some decent, larger hotels with good facilities, here. Pukuatua Street has some good mid-range establishments, and this is also a good, central location for all the city's attractions. A little further out of town, at the southern end of Fenton Street and onto Hemo Road (SH-30), you'll find more corporate-based hotels, with superior conference and meeting facilities.