Rotorua Climate

Rotorua and The Bay of Plenty region enjoy one of the warmest and sunniest climates in New Zealand. Summer temperatures can reach between 26C and 32 while winters are mild.

Summer: December - February

The summer months bring plenty of sunshine and the warmest temperatures, ranging from 22-26°C. However, it’s not uncommon for temperatures to top 32°C. Most places throughout the region enjoy more than 2000 hours of sunshine a year.

Autumn: March - May

The autumn colours are accompanied by mild daytime temperatures ranging from 15-21°C. It will feel cooler once the sun is hidden behind clouds or edges closer to sunset.

Winter: June - August

Plenty of layers are the order of the day during winter. The cold winter months see the high daytime temperatures drop to an average of 12°C. Cold, frosty mornings can soon turn into crisp, blue sky days.

Spring: September - November

The cold weather warms up to an average daily high of between 14°C and 19°C. The pleasant milder days are complimented by the explosion of colours from the flowers on display.