Best Taxis in Rotorua

Local Recommendations from our My Guide Rotorua team

If you're feeling tired and can't be bothered to walk home, Rotorua Taxis are the convenient alternative.

Taxis in Rotorua may not be as prevalent as other cities in New Zealand, but should you need to use one, they are around. There are two or three licensed operators, with the main ones having an office/rank on Hinemoa Street. They're metered, and most have set fares for stated journeys. If you get a taxi from the airport into the CBD, take a card so you can book future ones – they're not as easy to flag down on the streets as in other cities. As most of the buses stop around 6pm, taxis will often be the only way to get home, if you're out of the CBD, so do take phone numbers with you, just in case.