Best Air Activities in Taupo

Local Recommendations from our My Guide Rotorua team

One of the best ways to see the area, is to take to the skies over the Rotorua, Taupo and Bay of Plenty regions.There are plenty of operators waiting to give you a bird's eye view of geothermal valleys, silica shelves and bubbling hot pools.

Scenic Flights are a must-do activity while you're here. You can choose how long your flight is, and stay firmly over Rotorua, go out to the coast and over the Bay of Plenty or enjoy a trip over Lake Taupo. Themed flights will give you a tour of the region's famous thermal valleys and gorges, so you get a chance to be right above a geyser when it spouts. Other flights will take you further afield, over volcanoes such as Mt Tarawera, and up to White Island. Choose from small planes, or helicopters (the most popular, and quicker), and make sure your camera is fully charged. From alpine scenery, to snowy mountain caps and steaming fumaroles sticking out the side of volcanoes, there's no better way to really see this magical wonderland up close.   Imagine feeling the spirit of the sacred Maori gods, as you prepare to jump out of that plane. You can fly tandem with an experienced instructor who'll put you at your ease. You can freefall at incredible speeds, then float gently to earth. Enjoy every second of this unique experience, with your birds eye view of the city below you. Canopy rides can last as long as five minutes, and it'll be the most magical five minutes of your life. It's danger and glory all in one trip, and you'll have the option to take home photographs and a DVD to prove you actually did it.