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My Guide Rotorua Stories Launch

Have you heard about the new 'visual stories' in Google and how it can impact a website? Well, we did and we've already added it to our My Guide Rotorua website and all our sites in the My Guide Network!

This is set to be the biggest SEO opportunity in 2020 and will appear in Google search results very soon.  The good news for our users is that our websites are already using it now! 

This feature was announced at the AMP Conference in 2019 and it's now commencing roll-out in a big way.  The visual stories, or AMP (accelerated mobile pages) stories, will have a dedicated space in the Google SERPs (search engine result pages).

We see this as another competitive advantage and another feature that will futher boost our traffic as it continues it's upward trend.   You can view an example of one of our 'My Guide Rotorua Visual Stories' on your mobile device here.

Together with the start of our Global Newsletter this month, we think this is an amazing way to start the year at My Guide Network!

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