Best Bars in Rotorua

Local Recommendations from our My Guide Rotorua team

Being such a friendly city, the Rotorua Bars scene is laid back. Pubs and bars are all around the CBD, while some lovely cocktails await in the lobby bars of all the big hotels. Relax by day, or get more active down Tutanekai Street at night.

Bars in Rotorua vary include craft beer bars and a wine bar on Tutanekai Street, to British themed pubs and Irish pubs close by in the CBD. Despite its city size, Rotorua does tend to wind down after 10.00pm, so it's not really a party place. Rotoruans are inclined to eat early and be in bed well before midnight, so don't expect any all night raves. Instead, you'll find a pleasant, friendly bar scene that's conducive to just sinking a few beers, or palatable bottle of wine, slow and easy.