Best Seafood Restaurants in Rotorua

Local Recommendations from our My Guide Rotorua team

This might not be a coastal city, but Seafood Restaurants in Rotorua do offer a surprisingly good selection of fishy dishes. Fresh produce gets shipped in from the nearby Bay of Plenty, so you're never far from the fruits of the sea.

Rotorua Seafood Restaurants are spread around the city. Many of the large hotels specialise in luxury seafood platters, oysters and fish steaks, but you will pay a premium price for these. On the high street, try a couple of the pubs on Tutanekai Street, which are hidden gems when it comes to a good chowder. The central mall on Amohau Street has a couple of very affordable seafood places. Don't let the bright mall lights put you off – the quality is great. A lot further north, Maketu has a fantastic seafood restaurant, worth the trek, or try nearby Holdens Bay for something intimate and quiet.