Best Jet Boating in Rotorua

Local Recommendations from our My Guide Rotorua team

With a lake as big as Rotorua on the doorstep, Jet Boating in Rotorua is a popular pastime. Zoom across the lake at breakneck speed, and even experience 3Gs of pressure. For something short and sharp, jet boating is the thing for you.

Rotorua Jet Boating is getting more and more popular. The technology of boats today, means that operators are constantly looking to up the adrenaline factor. Reach speeds of up to 100kph across the surface of Lake Rotorua. Hold on tight as your boat spins you 360 degrees, confusing your own inner compass. You can even combine a jet boat ride with skydiving and bungy jumping, for the ultimate high octane day out. It doesn't have to feel life threatening, though. The larger jet boats are slightly slower, but will whizz you out over the lake so you can take photos of the amazing mountain backdrops, and through narrow crevasses filled with natural hot water pools. Mix and match combos to suit you.