Best Hot Pools in Rotorua

Local Recommendations from our My Guide Rotorua team

This is the home of New Zealand's natural waters. Hot Pools in Rotorua are popular places to while away a few relaxing hours. Great for your skin, and the best place to unwind. For a proper pamper, Rotorua has lots of places to oblige.  

Rotorua Hot Pools come in two forms - purpose built facilities in the larger hotels and spas, and natural pools out in the countryside and beaches. If you're staying in the CBD, there are lots of places to go including the Polynesian Spa where you can idle an afternoon away in luxury hot pools. They're convenient and clean, but you won't get the whole 'natural magic' of the real ones, out of the city. If you can, join one of the many eco tours on offer, which take you out to places like Hot Water Beach and Lake Tarawera. Here, you can truly experience the amazing relaxing waters of bubbling hot pools and mineral spas. You'll have to go prepared, and it's obviously weather-dependent, but nothing quite beats the feeling of lounging back in a steaming hot pool, the forest all around you.